20 August 2015

Bakti kepada orang tua kita


Gambar Hiasan. Orang tua masih lagi bekerja.

Aku baca ni dari posting satu blog. Nak park dan kongsi ngan kengkawan.

If your parents are over 50, you have to read this:
- Your parents are getting old
- They can't do the things they were able to do before
- If we are able to do something for them, we are lucky

2 things:
1) Begin supporting your parents financially, even if they don't need any help. Purchase their groceries, buy their appliances. Get used to making room for their needs from your earnings while they don't need us. So that when (and if) they need financial support from us, it's less difficult. And in some cases, our parents may be totally dependent on us. If they are, and you have the honor to serve them, remember, it's an honor, not a burden.

2) Parents can't do half they things they used to be able to do. If there's heavy lifting, moving large things, etc; do it for them. They should be able to call on us to assist, and we need to make time for them, so they are not burdened with such things.

- - Both of these suggestions have been inspired by 2 very sad incidences that I personally came across in the community within the last few days. I won't mention the incidents, and in both cases, the parents didn't mention a thing, I but I felt sorry for them, knowing they have children who could/should be doing such things for them.

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